Upset The Rhythm | PHIL TYLER & SARAH HILL

September 25, 2023

PHIL TYLER & SARAH HILL met in Newcastle where they sang Sacred Harp and songs in folk clubs. After a while decided to record an album together, but not long after this, after one sole gig with Alasdair Roberts, Sarah’s work took her to live in Brighton. Fortunately their far-flung locations didn’t disrupt the musical partnership too much and last year saw their stunning album ‘What We Thought Was A Lake Was A Field Of Flax’ released on Ferric Mordant.

Their songs are primarily traditional, learned from versions by folk legends like Shirley Collins, Bob Copper, Martin Carthy and Peggy Seeger, although two – Sweet Lemney and Golden Lads – have tunes by Tyler, and the latter words from their mutual friend Jo Ellis. The album was recorded by Newcastle artist/producer Phil Begg in an unadorned, simple manner that captures the warmth of Hill and Tyler’s voices, the interplay of their duets and Tyler’s fine guitar, banjo and ukulele playing.

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