June 8, 2024

The Deltas – wild rockabilly blues from London. This band was one of the WILDEST acts in the early Eighties. The Deltas were a sort of ‘psycho-blues-rockabilly’ outfit. Hear the passion on Steve Bongo’s vocals, thrill to the slap of Little John’s dog-house bass and tremble to the twang and boom of Captain Marvel’s guitar! This was recorded at the height of their powers….

“What we have here is raw, uncompromising home grown rockabilly, performed with an economy of style that borders, at times, on the inept …….. you begin to realise that a combination of enthusiasm and interesting material are at the nub of the matter, then appearance (real gone cats) and finally, on stage, unbridled frenzy, all combining to justify the whole. If you like it rough’n’ready, this is grist for your mill.” Tony Martin 1981

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