June 7, 2024

Since May 2020, Steven Wilson and Tim Bowness have been hosting The Album Years. A regular feature in the music podcast charts on streaming platforms all over the world (top 10 in over 20 countries), the show revolves around a spontaneous combination of friendly banter and bickering (the natural consequence of more than 35 years of friendship and professional collaboration). Born out of the duo’s mutual passion for listening to and obsessing about music, episodes take in everything from mainstream pop to esoteric experimental artists, underground rock to chart-topping r&b, jazz to post-punk, and beyond.

Self-confessed students of music (nerds in other words!), each Album Years episode finds Steven and Tim discussing a single year from the period when the album was regarded as the pre-eminent creative expression for a musical artist; 2 sides of music sequenced to create a “movie for the ears”. This ‘golden era’ of the rock album is something they roughly date from the middle of the 1960s to the beginning of the twenty first century (Sgt Pepper to Amnesiac?).

On each episode, Steven and Tim discuss the albums released in their chosen year, agreeing and/or disagreeing (sometimes both simultaneously!) in a good-humoured way, as only friends can. The Album Years is warm, irreverent, funny, informative, and, ultimately, nostalgic for an age of music that many now feel has passed into history.

This is an opportunity to join them in the live recording of an episode, during which the audience will be encouraged to contribute their own thoughts and insights.

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