July 13, 2024

Singer-Songwriter, Steve Carlson credits his love of music to his Bohemian upbringing. Being the son of entertainers, Carlson spent much of his childhood in the company of actors and musicians. His talent for songwriting and producing landed Steve’s music in numerous film and television placements throughout the years providing world wide exposure. “Different Town”, a documentary film which Carlson directed and produced, took home awards for “Best Documentary” and “Best Original Music” at several film festivals including Geneva Film Festival, Breckenridge Film Festival, Asheville Film Festival, and many others.

Carlson recently teamed up with long time friend and collaborator, Jensen Ackles to form the duo known as Radio Company. Since the release of the debut album in November, 2019, the band has been sweeping charts across all platforms. The albums titled “Volume One & Volume 2”, which Carlson produced, hit #1 on iTunes for Worldwide Rock Album, #1 Billboard Heatseekers Album (2 weeks in a row), and #2 Billboard Rock Album Sales. Steve released a Christmas album entitled “Christmas Wish” in the winter of 2023 and will be releasing a solo record in Spring of 2024.

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