Simon Joyner

May 22, 2022

American singer-songwriter, Simon Joyner, has been quietly releasing records under the radar since the early 90’s, achieving cult status over the years for a body of work defying easy classification.

He has counted among his vocal champions John Peel, Kevin Morby, Bright Eyes, and Gillian Welch and his dark lyricism and unflinching depictions of complex characters struggling with their humanity has earned him comparisons to legends like Townes Van Zandt, Leonard Cohen, and Lou Reed.

“Omaha has given us the reigning heir to Henry Miller’s dark emotionalmirror, Townes Van Zandt’s three-chord moan, and Lou Reed’s warehouse minimalism: his name is Simon Joyner.” — Gillian Welch

“Pound for pound Simon Joyner is my favorite lyricist of all time. He has shades of all the greats (Van Zandt, Cohen, Dylan) but exists in a space all his own … He truly is an American songwriting treasure. It is my hope that more people will discover his music and share in the unique joy that it brings.” — Conor Oberst

“Simon’s always been a secret handshake amongst me and my peers. He’s a pioneer. He’s helped pave the way for many people, myself included. He’s an artist in its purest form–for his only concern is crafting a perfect song–which he’s done time and time again.” — Kevin Morby


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