Shake Some Acton

October 14, 2023

New Wave, Trash, Garage, & Punk Rock club night of high octane Rock n Roll !

999. Yes ! Fantastic English Punk Rock. The band formed in London in 1976. Their catalogue of songs is almost limitless , and every one is a thriller ! From their first single Im Alive/Quite Disappointing , and Nasty Nasty, Homicide , Feelin Alright With The Crew through to their 999,Seperates,The Biggest Prize In Sport through Bish !Bash !Bosh! they are pure Punk Rock entertainment. Not to be missed! THE PHOBICS. From Deptford, the finest raw Punk Rock n Roll . Hotter than Burnt Rubber ! 16 GUNS. Recently reformed and gigging solidly, 16 Guns bring fun and heartfelt songs to the masses. Its gonna be a night to remember. Do not miss this !

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