October 28, 2022

An Irish band that’s won an international cult following among fans of classic British Invasion and power pop sounds, PUGWASH was formed by Thomas Walsh, a serious fan of E.L.O, XTC, THE KINKS and THE BEATLES, who soon found himself earning the respect of some of those very heroes.

His debut album, ALMOND TEA, released in 1999, was followed throughout the noughties by ‘Almanac’ (2002), ‘Earworm’ (2003), ‘Jollity’ (2005), ‘Eleven Modern Antiquities’ (2008) and a UK career retrospective on Andy Partridge’s (XTC) APE label entitled ‘Giddy’.

Partridge declared in an interview at the time that “PUGWASH, at their best, are almost Beatle-like in their greatness…they are that good”. Around this time Walsh began a ‘cricket-pop’ collaboration with Neil Hannon (Divine Comedy) under the moniker of ‘The Duckworth Lewis Method’ that yielded two UK top 40 albums and an Ivor Novello Nomination to boot.

Walsh continued ‘Pugwash’ with a U.S best of ‘A Rose In A Garden Of Weeds’ (2014), ‘Play This Intimately…’ (2015) and ‘Silverlake’ (2017) which was recorded in LA with Jason Falkner who’s currently the right hand man for ‘Beck’ and ‘St. Vincent’ respectively.

A 20th Anniversary SONY/JAPAN release in 2019 entitled ‘Popularity Pending’ was the final release before the worldwide lockdown but earlier this year work began on ‘Pugwash’ Album No : 8 and has just been completed.

A late 2022 release is still on schedule.


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