Jimmy Gnecco

June 14, 2024

Jimmy Gnecco is…

the iconic voice, presence and mutli-instrumentalist behind the US band OURS and an island unto himself. He has earned the love and respect of musicians from all genres of music, as well as some of the greatest music producers and industry executives of our time.

Jimmy has also lent his voice to many other songs and projects including work under his own name and additional projects with Brian May of Queen, Robert DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots, Never Ending White Lights, and Of 1,000 Faces.

immy Gnecco will be on stage in Europe in the spring of 2024 as part of a promotional tour for the release of Jimmy Gnecco & OURS’ album “New Age Heroine” later this year. A great opportunity to meet this artist, all too rare on this side of the Atlantic.

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