Finley Quaye

April 27, 2024

Finley is a rare breed that tempts comparison but is utterly without parallel. Truly modern music for the 21st century that doesn’t just defy categorisation it beggars belief.

Describe Finley’s music … One could think Kate Bush Beck & Bob Marley of course. Listen to his first three albums for all its snazzy flaunting of the rules and its love affair with variety there’s a tough emotional depth to this music that would make Thom Yorke weep. Flashy, sexy, funny, psychedelic.

It was every pop star’s duty to seek genius to create music that had never been heard before and record it in such a way that the listener could only be amazed and hazard a guess upon which instruments it was made. And God bless him Finley Quaye has never made such a grandiose pronouncement and yet he’s only gone and done it.

Finley continues the momentum with this very special show of which tickets are limited to 80 in total. When they are gone, they are gone.

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