December 6, 2023

You will remember Dave Angel: Eco Warrior as the Essex-based ex-gangster turned environmental campaigner from BBC sketch show The Fast Show. Dave has been on hand since the mid-90s to warn us about the dangers of overfishing, depletion of the ozone layer and deforestation threatening hill tribes in Papua New Guinea. This was well before it was fashionable to openly chat about the warnings of carbon footprints and the climate crisis, though it also gave the eco-warrior a platform to extend his passion for naturism and the great British fry-up. All while trying to keep a check on his less environmentally aware wife, Shirley.

Given the current plight of the Earth, there has never been a better time for the man to don his infamous beige bomber jacket, trilby and Ray-Bans and embark on his first national tour, accompanied by fellow Fast Show alumni, Geoffrey Allerton and Billy “There’s someone sitting there, mate” Bleach. (All of whom bear an uncanny resemblance to the comedian Simon Day.) Wallop!

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